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Our  Investment Philosophy

Exceeding Expectations With Decades of Investing Experience, While Utilizing The Most Modern Investment Technology

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At NorthStar Capital, we believe in producing significant capital appreciation for our clients by investing in companies, asset classes, and alternatives that are well-managed and have attractive prospects for long-term growth, but only if they are reasonably valued. Our investment approach has proven successful over many years and through numerous market cycles. As a result of this wealth of experience, we are able to make careful and deliberate decisions in the midst of difficult and demanding circumstances.

The foundation of our investment philosophy is the belief that we are investing on behalf of our clients to meet their long term goals. That is why we focus on the quality of the assets and businesses in which we invest and the price one must pay to buy those securities. As much as possible, we employ investment horizons which project years into the future. We see what we do as true investing, investing for the long term, and investing as an owner of a property. While our investment focus is longer term, we are still alert to interim changes in the fundamentals and prices of our holdings and willing to take action whenever it is justified. Our ultimate goal is to protect and enhance the value of the assets entrusted to our management.





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We believe in fundamental investment research and carefully screen databases for companies of all sizes that meet strict criteria for above average growth, profitability, and financial strength. It is our experience that stocks which outperform often rank highly by these measures. We make selective use of Wall Street research and direct contact with company managements to complement our internal research. From our universe of actively followed stocks, we identify those securities which are attractive for purchase and those which should be sold. An informal office structure facilitates the rapid dissemination of investment ideas and gives us the ability to react to interim events in a timely manner. Portfolios are continuously monitored, with holdings tracked on a day-to-day basis. In our quarterly letters to clients, we inform them of changes in portfolios and selected investment ideas, along with our views on the economy and the markets.


With decades of providing research and trading value to individual and institutional clients, we leverage well-established academic partnerships and exclusive data sets to fulfill your objectives. Our comprehensive approach aims to optimize returns through intelligent and uncomplicated strategies, supported by system risk indicators for risk minimization. Our code-based flow indicators, macro strategy proficiency, and quantitative investment analytics enable you to spot opportunities, manage risk, and enhance alpha generation. Furthermore, our electronic platforms offer proven, innovative, and reliable methods to meet our clients' goals throughout the entire investment and business cycle.

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